Teen Review: PROJECT SWEET LIFE! by Brent Hartinger

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Final Grade: 94/A
YA Contemporary
288 pages
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Amanda’s Blurb: JOBS!!! But not just any job…Summer jobs. This is the worst thing any 15-year-old could ever possibly endure. Or, at least, that’s what Dave and his two best friends think. To them, getting a summer job is like the end of the world. Once you start working, people expect you to do it for the rest of your life. So, Dave, Victor and Curtis are in for a shock when their parents all want them to get summer jobs.

Too bad they don’t listen. Not only do they not get jobs, they spend the summer tricking their families into thinking they actually have jobs. This seems like the perfect solution until Dave’s dad wants to see the paycheck. Now, they have to get “proof” and have to do it without getting caught. Easier said than done.
Amanda’s Thoughts: Overall, I think this was a really good book. It was funny and, at the same time, creative and informative. I would give this book a 94/A. PROJECT SWEET LIFE has a lot of instances where things didn’t turn out like I expected. For example, the first time they tried to earn money was by throwing a yard sale. This proved successful until they damaged a car and had to use the earnings as repayment. And the second time when they won a hundred thousand dollars for catching bank robbers didn’t go too well, either. The use of irony in the story kept me wanting more. Another good thing about the book was the background and history. Although the story of the Chinese in Tacoma was fiction, it seemed like it was based on fact (and probably was).
Even though the story was really good, I thought it could have been improved. The end was too fiction-like, not realistic like other parts of the story. The chance that three teenagers would find something hidden like that is very unlikely. Another part that didn’t fit in with the story was when the robber started shooting at them with a gun. It was unlikely that they’d get away without getting hurt. Still, it was a very good book and I liked it.
TEEN REVIEWER AMANDA: Funny, obsessed with Ron Weasley from Harry Potter and Embry from Twilight; loves to look up phones; and in love with Eli from Degrassi.

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