Teen Review: JAY’S JOURNAL by anonymous

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Final Grade: 97/A
YA Realistic
240 pages
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Brian’s Blurb: Jay’s a smart boy. With a genius IQ, he’s never really had trouble with school work or anything, for that matter. Almost every problem that’s arisen in his life, he’s been able to fix with logical reasoning. This changes however, when he succumbs to peer pressure and gets into drugs and alcohol. His life gets very complicated when he gets caught stealing prescription pills from a pharmacy and is sent to an all-boys corrections academy. There he discovers the “O”, the occult, which sends his life into a nosedive he can’t reason his way out of.

Brian’s Thoughts: I would give this book a 97/A. This is probably one of the best books I’ve ever read, maybe because I can relate to it extremely well.

One dislike about this book was that the opening plot was extremely boring. I put the book down several times just because I couldn’t get into it. The book starts out with Jay obsessed with this girl—he keeps writing her poetry and drooling over her.

But then the book got exceptionally good, to where I never wanted to put it down! I loved how I could feel how the character felt. Since this book is written in journal format (hence the title), reading it is like getting into the main character’s head. It’s almost like you are Jay! I can’t really choose a favorite part, mainly because there are too many to pick from, but I really did enjoy when Jay was being possessed and haunted by a demon named Raul.

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11 Responses to “Teen Review: JAY’S JOURNAL by anonymous”

  1. Anonymous

    i think that ask alice was a good book to. but can we really judge these books from a written point of view. i dont believ the kids who wrote these had plans for them to be seen. i believ that the people who say this book sucked has a lack of intelagence in order to see the metapharical meaning in the end! its really intriging it makes you wonder if he is on edrugs the whole time or not!

  2. Anonymous

    I have just finished this book and at first I fely it was going to go on, and on, and on about how he felt about girls, but it eventually got quite good. to the point where i couldn’t tear my eyes away. Deffinatly a page turner. Didn’t really like Ask Alice as much. I felt the ending was ridculous. I would have like it to have included a few more details.

  3. Anonymous

    i love this book, but go ask alice i think is so much better… if i had to choose between Go Ask Alice and Jay’s journal, i would have to choose go ask alice. Although i didnt like the ending very well in go ask alice. But in the end, i loved both books so much. DEFINETELY worth reading. It just struck me that what these books are based on is real life. i think this book would be great for younger readers, (6th grade and up) because it gives them a little taste of what drugs and alcohol can really do to you. i rate these books a 5. thumbs up!