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Good day, fellow readers! It’s In My Mailbox day, where we get a peek at what books people bought, won, borrowed, or were gifted and celebrate, make lists of to-buy, and/or feel that twinge of jealousy (I’m bad about that, considering I want pretty much every book!). ADDED: I totally forgot to give props to the founder of IMM, the fantastic Story Siren. Sorry ’bout that!

So, this week, I decided to play around with IMM and am going to try out a “Fiona’s Pick of the Week”. Fiona’s book might be one I’ve been dying to read or one that just looks fabulous or it might be the one I read as soon as I got it…whatever. Really, let’s be honest. It’s actually an excuse to pose my tolerant little pooch, Fiona, with an awesome book.

Fiona’s Pick of the Week: 
ALL YOU GET IS ME by Yvonne Prinz

Fi thinks this is a great one to read now, considering it’s set in California during the summer. Especially, if you’re snuggled up under a nice blankie with a cup of hot chocolate. And, hey, it’s out now! She recommends you go get yourself a copy because it rocks.

I’ve already devoured this one–so cute, great romance and I even learned a bit about organic farming. Oh, and through a bizarre mix-up with UPS guys and the weather, I ended up with TWO copies from Yvonne’s lovely (and patient) PR goddess. You know what that means–giveaway! Be on the lookout for this next Friday, along with an interview with the super-cool Yvonne Prinz.

FOR REVIEW from HarperTeen:
THROUGH HER EYES by Jennifer Archer (out April 5th)
RIVAL by Sara Bennett Wealer (out Feb. 15th)
THE LAST LITTLE BLUE ENVELOPE by Maureen Johnson (out April 26th)
WHERE I BELONG by Gwendolyn Heasley (out Feb. 8th)

WON from LibraryThing:

So, what’d you get in your mailbox?

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  1. Great books! I really want to read All You Get Is Me, Rival, and Where I Belong! I am looking forward to checking out your reviews of all of these books. They look so cute! Happy reading!