Teen Review: OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB Vol. 13 Story and Art by Bisco Hatori

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Final Grade: 97/A
200 pages
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Rated G
REBECCA’S BLURB: Haruhi, a poor girl, was forced to enroll into a high school full of rich kids. By an unfortunate accident, she must pay a debt of $80,000! By paying off the debt, she is forced to work in Ouran High School’s very own Host Club as a boy. No one can ever find out that she’s a girl working in an all-boys club. As she works in the Host Club, she discovers each of the member’s personalities and quirks.
As Mei, one of Haruhi’s closest friends tries to help Haruhi realize her feelings for one of the boys, Mei has Haruhi do a checklist from a magazine to determine whether she is in love or not. As Haruhi finishes the checklist, she realizes that maybe her heart has been taken by one of the boys in the Hose Club and she didn’t even know it.
REVIEW: I give this book a 97/A! In this volume, my favorite characters were Harui and Hikaru. I loved the beginning of this manga. It was funny and romantic at the same time. The denial that Haruhi is going through about her true feelings was priceless. I also enjoyed the cliffhanger ending and was left dying to know how Haruhi would react to Kikaru’s question.
My least favorite character in this manga would have to be Kosaka. She seemed too suspicious in the story, and I honestly thin she’s up to something. My least favorite part in this manga was the chapter on how the Host Club and some other small clubs went on a hunt to discover what the map they found meant. I really didn’t understand how that chapter related to the story. Other than that, I found this romatinc comedy manga quite enjoyable and very entertaining, leaving me to wonder what will happen next.
TEEN REVIEWER REBECCA: Love to read, write, and dram. Really good at drawing and would love to work in the arts. Youngest of my family and have two pet snakes. Enjoying having friends and family around me 24/7 and look to them for support and advice.

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  1. Hey,. you also read manga. Nice
    Ouran Host Club is one of funny manga that I have read. But I stop reading it since I cant catch up with the next volume.

    I love the silly twins XD