Teen Review: GEEK MAGNET by Kieran Scott

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Final Grade: 100/A
YA Contemporary
308 pages
Available now
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Rated PG
BLURB: At school, KJ is important during Spring Musical time. It’s the time when she gets all the attention from the geeks and, more importantly, from the most popular and feistiest girl in school, tama. When tama sees how the geeks flock to KJ (well, kind of “attack” her), Tama trains KJ in the skill of getting rid of the geeks. With Tama’s training, KJ gains crushes, friends and respect.
REVIEW: To me, this book is the best at explaining some of the very girls in our everyday lives at school. It’s filled with all the drama I crave (especially when it doesn’t have to do with me). It’s all about romance, family, and friends. I think many people can relate to this book because of all these things. This book is more than just drama, it’s a lesson about how what you say and do really matters.
I like how it sounds like something that happens in real life, not just in fiction. I can really relate to this story. Besides KJ, I really liked Robbie Delano. He helps KJ sort through her feelings so many times through this story. He helps her with her hardships and becomes her best friend. Now, Glenn, I didn’t like him. He’s just a pain to KJ, always making things difficult for her and her friendships.
TEEN REVIEWER BRITTANY: I have been singing ever since I could talk and, shortly after, learned how to play piano. I also love to dance! If I’m ever bored, I always start to dance. I’m random and funny and always find a way to crack someone up. If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be happy! J

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  1. This is a good book because it really does relate to real life because their is a lot of drama. Everybody is getting on somebodies never.