Teen Review: ANGELS AND DEMONS by Dan Brown

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Final Grade: 99/A
736 pages
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Rated PG-13
BLURB: Deep inside the walls of Vatican City, a bomb is ticking down its last 24 hours. While at Harvard University, a symbologist named Robert Langdon receives a phone call about a brand burned into the chest of a physician. Fearing the worst, Langdon goes to a Swiss laboratory. There, he finds the body branded with an ancient organization’s name, The Illuminati. Following an ancient trail, Robert rushes to save Vatican City.
REVIEW: Together, Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra try to catch a killer who’s kidnapped four cardinals and placed a bomb inside Vatican City. I thought ANGELS AND DEMONS was a very fast-paced and extremely exciting book. I really enjoyed it because of the way the author wrote it. He put in just the right amount of detail so I could picture it in my head and not too much that it became boring. I also enjoyed the parts when you didn’t know who the characters could trust and who they couldn’t. It was set up so that all parts of the story are important and connected, making none of the parts boring. I really liked this book.
Robert Langdon is definitely my favorite character because he’s the most adventurous and gets into the most trouble. I really didn’t like the Camerlengo who was in charge of the Church after the Pope died and before a new one was elected. He was the kind of person who just has a lot of people doing what he says and seemed a little selfish.
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  1. As much as I enjoyed the Da Vinci Code, I think I loved this book the best. Though it has been ages since I read it, I can remember staying up way to late reading it and being totally mesmerized by the whole story. Brown’s book Deception Point was another awesome read.

  2. The novel is the best of both worlds! It fuses science ficrion with religion and awesome edge-of-your seat action! An awesome book for people who love studying the origin of the universe. This also can inspire people to study more in depth of the beginnig of the beggining! One of the best books i ever read.