Teen Review: THE FROG PRINCESS by E.D. Baker

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Final Grade: 92/B
MG Fairy Tale
224 pages
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Rated G
Teen’s own book

JANE’S BLURB: Emma, also know as Princess Esmeralda, isn’t what you think of when you think of a princess. She’s clumsy, awkward, cackles, and doesn’t act like a “usual” princess. Her mother hopes that Emma will marry Prince Jorge but Emma hates him. She meets a frog who claims to be a prince and that an evil witch turned him into a frog. The frog, also known as Eadric, asks Emma for a kiss because a kiss from a princess will turn him back into a human. At first, Emma refuses but Eadric is very persistent and Emma finally caves. One kiss wouldn’t hurt, right? Wrong. Instead of Eadric turning into a prince, Emma turns into a frog. To save herself and Eadric, they must go to the witch who cast the spell on him and get her to reverse it…and maybe fall in love along the way.
REVIEW: Initially, I thought this book was going to be a modern retelling of the original classic, The Princess and the Frog. When I found out the girl turns into a frog, I knew it was going to be an interesting story. I truly enjoyed all of the animal friends. They reminded me of my friends in real life. A part I thought was funny was when Eadric turns back into a human and he’s not that handsome-looking. In the Disney story, the princess gets a handsome prince ready to sweep her off her feet while in the book, Eadric was pretty short and pudgy. Even so, Emma still thinks he’s the most handsome prince she ever laid eyes on. True love.
My favorite character has to be Fang, the snake who helps Emma and Eadric. Everyone was scared of him because he looked intimidating but it turned out he had a wife and kids and he missed them terribly. There was this part when another snake was attacking Emma. Fang was about to block the attack but it turned out Emma was Fang’s wife. I loved that his wife appeared so unexpectedly.
My grade for THE FROG PRINCESS is a 92/B. This is part of a series E.D. Baker wrote and I would like to read those in the future. There were some parts I thought were kind of bland and I wished for more detail but, overall, I think this book is a good read if you like stories with cute, happy endings.

TEEN REVIEWER JANE: Loves golf, Swedish Fish, dance, violin, and naps. Wants to be happy when she grows up and being a cardiologist or lawyer would be pretty rad, too.

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  1. Logan humphries

    I like Jane’s review and blurb, but I think that the sentences were choppy and kind of short. Overall, this review makes me want to read the book.