Teen Review: ELEVENTH GRADE BURNS by Heather Brewer

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Final Grade: 100/A+
YA Paranormal
320 pages
Available Now
Personal Copy
Rated PG

KODY’S BLURB: Vladimir Tod is in his senior year at Bathory High, and life for him is just as normal as any other time. But when vampire slayer and ex-best friend Joss comes back to Bathory to finish his job, Vlad must finally deal with what he’d been dreading—death at the hands of a friend. But when he goes to his uncle’s hearing in Elysia, a suprising twist at the end of the hearing leaves Vlad devastated. Now Vlad’s life is on the clock, and Joss has big plans to get rid of Vlad. When Vlad and Joss fight, a familiar voice might change everything.
REVIEW: In my opinion, THE CHRONICLES OF VLADIMIR TOD is the best book series. As a reader and reviewer, I want to make sure everyone knows about this awesome series. I give this book a grade of 100%. The best parts are the beginning, middle, and end. (Like I’m really gonna give away parts of the book! There are people out there who haven’t read it.)
To me, there were no parts I didn’t like. My favorite character would definitely be Vlad and my least fave would be Joss—he needs to let go of his grudge. This book has a lot of genres mixed together: romance, heartbreak, drama, action, adventure and suspense. This is all in one book and it’s throughout the entire series. This book will BLOW YOUR MIND!
TEEN REVIEWER KODY: Likes action games, skating, electric bass guitar, reading, horror movies, and manga. Wants to be an Air Force pilot when he grows up.

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  1. Logan Humphries

    I think that Kody’s blurb sounds like one you would get off the back of the book. I like his review but I think he should have been more specific about the stuff he really liked.