Teen Review: TTYL by Lauren Myracle

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Final Grade: 93/A
YA Contemporary
204 Pages
Rated PG-14
Reviewer’s copy of book

BLURB: The Winsome Threesome forever! Right? But it’s high school… It can make you or break you!

Through IM-ing (AKA Instant Messaging), Lauren Myracle tells the story of three best friends in 10th Grade: Angela (SnowAngel), Maddie (mad maddie), and Zoe (zoegirl), known as the Winsome Threesome.

Maddie is a rebel who to just wants to fit in. She doesn’t care about much. Angela is very social. She likes to flirt and have fun. She gets in over her head most times because she thinks all guys she dates are ‘The One’. Zoe is the good one. She focuses on her school work and doesn’t get in trouble. But when her young English teacher starts inviting her to church and other things together, she is most definitely more than okay with the idea.

REVIEW: First off, I have to say I could not put this book down! I actually read it in three days–that’s how good it was! It was one thing after the next. It was great, and I thought it was great for teens. It really captured what we all get interested in and the IMing part was just absolutely awesome to read. Not a lot of books come like that so the format of the book, as crazy as it sounds, was just fun to read. I also love how Lauren Myracle put in little side IM’s that weren’t just about the day. They were things that we would chat to our friends about. 

I also got a very good description of each and every character. My favorite character is Maddie. She seems most funny and crazy and reminded me of regular teens. I laughed quite a few times while reading this book! Just like in real life, they all got into arguments about things we would such as BOYS! Gosh, if I had a penny for every argument I heard about boys… 

I’m glad Zoe and pretty much all characters finally came out of their shells in the book, and I’m glad that, in the end, the Winsome Threesome stuck together. My favorite part of the book was when Zoe got saved! From what you ask? Looks like you’re just going to have to read it now aren’t you? 🙂  

This book tops my favorites with I think the #2 Spot. I can’t wait to read TTFN, the sequel. I gave TTYL a 93% and rated it PG14 because of language and some sexual content.

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  1. I agree with your review and loved this book as well… and I’m the mom of a teen girl! The story helped me see life from my daughter’s point of view. I’ve read both TTFN and L8R, G8R and they do not disappoint!

  2. I read this book for Banned Books Week and absolutely loved it. It wasn’t much different from what I talked about with my friends when I was a teen, we just didn’t have computers or cell phones. I’m going to read the other ones, just have to beat down this TBR list a little more!


  3. Anonymous

    this sounds like a great book that a lot of friends would like to read in a book clu or a study i would love to check it out.

    trevor b4