Teen Review: LOCAL GIRLS by Jenny O’Connell

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Final Grade: 98/A
YA Contemporary
320 pages
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Rated PG-13

BLURB: Meet Kendra and Mona, two inseparable best friends. Life is good for them, until Mona ends up having to move away. Mona’s mother, Izzy, has married a rich business man from Boston, who visited the island over the summer. So Mona joins the high-class world in Boston. Mona promises Kendra that next summer, she will come back as herself, and it will seem as if nothing ever happened.

Next summer comes, Mona comes back, and everything is totally different.  All Mona does now is hang out with her private-school friends while Kendra is working at the Willow Inn–a place where Mona and Kendra dreamed to work at together. And then there’s Henry, Mona’s twin brother. Henry hasn’t changed at all. Kendra decides to get closer to Henry. She thinks it’s the only way to “figure” Mona out. And Kendra has the most brilliant beyond brilliant idea. To prove that she is Mona’s one and only true friend, Kendra will solve the mystery of the twins’ birth father. A question that has always been a lingering one for Mona.  But is it worth it?  Is her friendship with Mona what needs to be saved? Do these secrets need to be revealed?

REVIEW: What I liked about Local Girls is that it was “page-turner”. You just had to keep on reading. The way the author detailed each part made you feel as if you were there. I liked how there is a big twist near the ending, which makes the story even better! I especially loved the part where Kendra realizes that Mona isn’t the one who completely changed, that it was Kendra who didn’t expect Mona to change and be a little different. Things I didn’t like about the story were that I felt like there were some unnecessary details, some things wouldn’t have made a difference if they were or weren’t in the story.

My favorite character was Kendra because I loved the way she didn’t want to give up on her and Mona’s friendship. She was a true friend to Mona even though Mona never noticed that. My least favorite characters were Mona’s Boston elite friends. They were being nice to Kendra, but I just had that feeling they were only doing that because they felt sorry for her. 

Kendra and Henry have known each other since they were little and have been great friends, and they get to know each other more and soon become more than friends! The mystery is the main thriller that keeps you reading this book. Should Kendra really find Mona and Henry’s birth father and will it fix everything, bringing it back to normal?

TEEN REVIEWER NISSY: Loves to sing, write music, and loves to listen to modern Christian music! Wants to be a singer and pediatrician when she grows up!

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