Teen Review: EIGHTH GRADE BITES by Heather Brewer

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Final Grade: 99/A
YA Paranormal
182 pages
Available Now
Rated PG

BLURB: Do you remember a time when you had a secret, and you really wanted to share it with someone but you felt like no one would understand? Imagine not being able to enjoy the thrills of everyday teenage life because, oh, I don’t know…YOU’RE A HALF-VAMPIRE? Wait, that’s not you? Of course not.

However, for 13-year-old Vladimir Tod, this is everyday stuff. He’s constantly bullied and cannot even do anything about it; he’s losing his lady to his best friend; and he can’t do anything to defend himself because he’s afraid to lose his cover. Don’t get me wrong, it may be a little hard to avoid a punch in the stomach or miss a hug every now and then but this doesn’t seem like much of a problem to me. In fact, this seems like an everyday thing for some of us eighth graders. 

With every problem, there’s a way to fix it, right? WRONG. Vladimir is also being chased down by a vampire killer! Finding out you’re being hunted is an awful way to ruin your Saturday. THE CHRONICLES OF VLADIMIR TOD: EIGHTH GRADE BITES by Heather Brewer incorporates the everyday life of an eighth grader with the thrill and suspense of a goose chase (so to speak). Long story short, I DEFINITELY recommend this book.

REVIEW: I found no flaws in this book that I can think of off the top of my head. Heather Brewer perfectly filled out the plot while keeping it oddly suspensful in an unexplainable fashion. This books earns the overall grade of a 99/A. It also takes home the Official Daniel Seal of a Great Book. The only reason I took a point off was because it was so short.

If you’re into suspenseful books, I refer you to this book. If you are into SHOCKING TWISTS AND TURNS, I refer you to this book. If you like your plots tied in with a little romance, I refer you to this book. If you need a random book for a school project that will definitely get you an A, I refer you to this book. And, if you don’t even LIKE books, I still refer you to this book.

TEEN REVIEWER DANIEL: One of the guys, a manly man. A fellow speaker of Español. Definitely sports-tastical. Basically known for doing what you do but five times better. Rarely known for worse. Too cool for a whole bio and good at everything. 

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