Teen Review: BREAK by Hannah Moskowitz

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Final Grade: 93/A
YA Contemporary
272 pages
Available Now
Rated PG-13
Reviewer’s copy

BLURB: Jonah’s brother is sick. Very sick. And things are hard all over. With his parents always arguing and the everyday challenges of growing up, the only constant in Jonah’s life seems to be Charlotte, the girl of his dreams…her and breaking. The process of breaking a bone and healing back stronger seems to keep Jonah moving forward with his life. But when his goal of breaking every bone in his body is taken to the next level, his world is turned upside down. If he can find the strength in himself to fix things, he may also find himself along the way.

REVIEW: Overall, BREAK was an awesome read. I’d have to give it a 93/A. From the second I picked up the book, I was engulfed in Jonah’s suspenseful world. I loved how during the story, Hannah Moskowitz managed to slip in bits and pieces of symbolism. In fact, the entire book is somewhat of a symbolic gesture. I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a relatively short read that is packed with drama.

I truly don’t recall anything I didn’t like about BREAK. It was great, and the story will surely be etched in my mind for years to come. Once again, another reason to read it.

TEEN REVIEWER JACOB: I’m a fourteen-year-old BMX rider who loves music. Life is good…

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