Skip Day: On the Porch

Posted 29 August, 2010 | Mary @ TheBookSwarm | | 4 Comments

So, to be fair, I’ve had a lot of blog “skip days” this week but gimmie a break. It was the first full week of school and I let my self become overwhelmed (This happens every year. Don’t know why I’m surprised by it!). Procrastination will do that to you.

But, as it’s creeping into September (This coming week! How does time go so fast?), and even here in South Carolina, it’s cooling off a bit in the mornings so I can finally use my porch again. Well, at least on the weekends, when I don’t have to get up at 5:30am so I can get to school on time (Middle school is the early-start bunch in our district. 7:20. But we get off at 2:45 so it’s not a bad deal!).

This spring, I finally sprang for new furniture and the loveseat is my favorite place to write. I’m super-productive here.

Diet Coke? Check. Computer? Check. Kids with fur? Check.

It’s not the best view in the world but my neighbors are quiet and nice (even the one who runs around in his black briefs…an image I need brain bleach to erase).

And Finnegan (left) and Fiona (right) are always on guard for killer squirrels or a runaway CheezIt. My little helpers.

Enjoy your skip day! Plenty of reviews this week including JINX by Meg Cabot and THE IMPROPER LIFE OF BEZELLIA GROVE by Susan Gregg Gilmore.

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4 Responses to “Skip Day: On the Porch”

  1. No wonder you’re anxious to spend time on your porch – it’s gorgeous. Thanks for the fun glimpse at your reading/writing spot.