Review: VERONICA MARS Season 1

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Final Grade: 100/A

Available now (I watched it on Netflix through my Wii–possibly one of the best things to happen to older TV shows!)

Have you ever seen the TV show VERONICA MARS? It’s older–the series premier was in 2004–but it’s completely awesome. I’m almost done with the first season and am already incredibly sad that there are only two more seasons after this one (hopefully, they’ll each have 22 episodes, just like season one. So much better than the 13 or so of today’s series).

Veronica Mars is a high school student who moonlights as an amateur detective, working for and learning from her private investigator father. But the story’s way more complicated than just her looking for lost dogs or stolen mascots (though she does that too). Eight months earlier, when life was looking pretty good for Veronica, her best friend, Lily, was murdered, and her father lost his job as sheriff because of his investigation. It didn’t help that he tried to pin the murder on one of the most powerful men in town, Lily’s father. Her dad lost his job, Veronica lost her status, and her mother disappeared.

This show is one of the smartest show’s I’ve seen in a really long time (which completely bites because it’s canceled!). Veronica is snarky and driven, going out of her way to help those around her while searching for Lily’s killer. I love how the past and present of everyone in the made-up town of Neptune, California are interconnected and woven together. It’s absolutely fantastic writing with awesome characters. The bad boys, Logan and Weevil, are bad boys with heart (my favorite kind!), rather than just random jerks. Veronica’s father is a great supporting character, too. And Veronica’s best friend, Wallace, is adorable.

Oh, I will be watching this series again and again. I can see it as one of my go-to shows, right up there with CASTLE and FIREFLY (oh, Nathan Fillion, if you had been a part of VERONICA MARS it would have been more than perfect!).

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  1. I LOVE Veronica Mars. It is my all time favorite tv show, ever! I wish they didn’t cancel it. I hate the way it ended. The last season even has a bonus feature showing previews of another season.