The Crossroads Tour: What do YOU want to know?

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This Halloween (Oct. 17-31, 2010), I’m taking part in a fantastic blog tour: The Crossroads. I’m super-excited about it, especially considering the awesome authors who are participating in it.

As one of the blogs hosting this (Judith Graves is the big Kahuna on this one–yay Judith!), I’ve got to come up with a couple questions or a topic for each author. (These can be the same for everyone or tailored.) Why am I telling you all this? I’d love some suggestions from you–what do you want to know about these authors and/or their books? Writing processes, ideas, what’s up next, whatever! Give me some ideas about what you’d like to read this October as these fabulous authors tour through this blog.


Authors on The Crossroads Tour:
Amy Brecount White
Amanda Ashb

Jeri Smith-Ready
Angie Frazier
Lucienne Diver
Rosemary Clement-Moore
Linda Joy Singleton
Jordan Deen
Judith Graves
Jackie Kessler
Tonya Hurley
Karen Kincy
Kitty Keswick
Joy Preble
Stacey Kade

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