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So, it’s finally here: Spring Break! (oh, and pollen season has turned my red car yellow. But that’s a totally different story.).

As usual, I have big plans for break, most of which will not get accomplished because I’ll be READING! Yahoo! (and writing, of course)

Prior to break (Wednesday night, to be exact), I finally finished SHADES OF GREY by Jasper Fforde (purchased). Now, that one took me a good week to get through (and that’s a long time for me–I’m a super-fast reader, when I get time to read, that is), not because it was bad but because it was so…dense. Yep. Dense is a good word. This was my first Fforde book, so I don’t know if he always writes like this but I liked it. So much information, such a complex world with incredible attention to detail. Excellent characters, twisty-turny plot, amazing worldbuilding. (*sigh* I wish I could write like that!) Guess I’m on a dystopian kick, though this one wasn’t a planned dystopian read. In the very far future, our descendants can only see one shade of color. There are violets (top of the heap), reds, yellows, blues, greens, and (at the bottom) the greys. Each operates within a strict code of conduct and people are “Rebooted” if they don’t live up to expectations. Eddie and his father arrive in a town on the outer limits of civilization to find that all is not as it seems (isn’t that the way it always is). Great book. First in a trilogy.

Final Grade for SHADES OF GREY by Jasper Fforde: 90/B

Now that it’s break, I’ve already finished Patricia Brigg’s newest installment in the Mercy saga SILVER BORNE (purchased). Loved it. Mercy’s such a great character, with just the right touches of toughness and vulnerability that make her completely likeable. Briggs tied up pretty much all the loose ends (including Samuel, the lone wolf who’s been living with Mercy) so I think this might be the last in this part of the series. *cries*

Final Grade for SILVER BORNE by Patricia Briggs: 93/A

Then, I sat down with EPITAPH ROAD by David Patneaude (purchased) this afternoon. And finished it. (okay, it was a pretty slim book, as compared to many, so don’t be too impressed.) The premise of this dytopian YA is that 97% of the male population is dead due to a viral outbreak. Women now rule the world–and keep the men under tight control. Men aren’t allowed to take on important jobs. Instead, they’re restricted to the non-essential type jobs. Plus, the male population is kept down to a minuscule percentage, so they won’t have an advantage or take control and ruin the world, the way they did pre-virus. The main character, Kellen, is one of the few boys alive in Seattle and has very little to look forward to. But, when his father’s life is threatened by another possible virus outbreak, he leaves his tightly-controlled world to warn him. And finds out the truth–plus so much more. (I can’t say much more or I’ll give away the twist!) Great book. The idea of a rampant viral outbreak decimating billions is so creepy, because it could really happen.

Final Grade for EPITAPH ROAD by David Patneaude: 86/B

THE LINE is up next. Or maybe I’ll finish THE BOOK THIEF (another great but super-dense book!). Or something else from my three-foot-high TBR pile. Yay!

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