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Yeah, buddy–finally got my Nextflix working though my Wii and, therefore, on my TV. I know, I know. It sounds stupid to get so excited about it but I’m absolutely thrilled. Technology does that to me. Of course, it also helps that I’m easily amused. And there’s a ton of great stuff available to stream: documentaries, TV shows, movies…yeah, this is a serious time-killer. But it so rocks.

Despite the fact that I’ve ingested a myriad of hours of TV, I’ve never been able to just sit in a chair and stare at the screen. (I think I’m a little ADD in that way. Multi-tasking is the only way I watch without getting bored.) I’ve done collages for three of my WIPs in an effort to get back in the writing saddle. One is going to need a serious overhaul (I’m gonna have to dump the first couple of chapters ’cause I started the story way too early. I tend to do that. Oops.) and two are still gelling in my brain and on the paper. Many choices and now, I’ve got the time (better use it while I’ve got it, huh?).

Now, I’m sure you’re dying to know what I’ve watched so, instead of book reviews, I’m going to give y’all a couple of TV/movie reviews (You’re excited, right? I know I am!).

WEEDS: Season 5

If you haven’t seen this show, I highly recommend it (Get it? HIGHly? Geeze, I crack myself up.). A little background: When Nancy Botwin’s husband dies unexpectedly, leaving her with two boys and a monster mortgage, Nancy must find a way to make money and fast. What does she do? She turns to the profitable business of selling pot to bored soccer moms and dads. Fast forward a couple of years and Nancy’s gone hardcore. She’s pregnant with the son of a Mexican drug lord, her oldest son has turned into a pot cultivator, and her youngest is the main dealer on his high school campus (including one of his teachers). Her brother-in-law (Andy) is still around and is in love with her but he’s trying to distance himself from her (she is, after all, involved with the drug lord). Alanis Morrisette joins the cast as a clinic doctor and Andy’s love interest. Great show. Lots of fun–I watched the whole season in one night because I wanted to know what happened. Nancy was not as interesting or, well, “there” as she had been the last four seasons. It was almost like she was going through the motions. Despite that, the rest of the characters and their troubles are more than enough to keep you entertained.

FINAL GRADE for WEEDS: 86/B (And so not for kiddies. Too much with the drugs and the sex and the cursing.)


God, I love Neil Patrick Harris. Too bad he plays for the other team. And I truly do adore Nathan Fillion, especially as a smarmy, too-big-for-his-britches hero (The Hammer–and he’s not talking about his hands, he says…). Great, quick little show (only 40 min, if I remember correctly). Made me laugh out loud as Dr. Horrible tried to get into the League while lusting after the girl of his dreams who is swept off her feet by The Hammer. Gotta warn you though, it’s a tragi-comedy. I wasn’t expecting the ending. *sniffle*


FARSCAPE: Season 1

Such a trippy show (My students laugh when I call something this. But I can’t help it–when it seems like the writers were smoking a little of Nancy Botwin’s product or the show just gets into your head, I gotta call it.). John Crichton, a human scientist, is out in space testing a theory when he gets shot through a wormhole to an entirely new area of space. He winds up aboard Moya, a leviathan ship, as she escapes the Peacekeepers (the bad guys) with three escaped prisoners. The group travels the universe, trying to get home while evading the Peacekeepers. There are some very well-developed characters here with great back-stories. No Mary Sues among them and several are really anti-heroes. I really love Crichton’s snarkiness as he tries to relate to the craziness he’s been thrust into. And his pop-culture references are priceless, especially since they merely baffle his shipmates. It’s a little cheesy at times (one of the main characters is a muppet, for goodness’ sake), but that’s part of its charm.


Yay for Netflix streaming and time to kill!

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