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I love this series (Urban Fantasy, Adult). I’ve loved it from the very first book, when we first met wizard Harry Dresden, to this book, the twelfth in the series. CHANGES provided me with exactly the kind of quick-paced, high action Harry fix I needed. It’s been a while (seems like it was forever ago, though it was just last year) since #11.

Poor Harry. Guy can never catch a break. He finds out he has a daughter (yep, he was shocked, too), Maggie, who’s eight. Susan (anyone remember Susan? She was one of Harry’s girlfriends, wrote for a yellow tabloid about supernaturals, turned into a half-vampire by a Red Court biotch? Her.) calls him and tells him they have a kid together and now Maggie’s been kidnapped by the Red Court. Harry freaks (who wouldn’t?) and calls in all the markers he has out there to rush to to Maggie’s rescue, before she’s used in a terrible bloodline curse. (No spoilers in any of that. Promise.)

Harry has the holy Hell beaten out of him by assassins, demons, vampires, and fae folk; the White Court’s too caught up in a power struggle to help out; and he really, really doesn’t want to ask the bad guys for help. But he will if he has to.

Oh, I so want to tell you about the part where I yelled at Harry and then threw the book across the room because he did something stupid. I did immediately go and pick it up, watch him do said stupid thing and wonder the rest of the time (when I wasn’t completely caught up in the crazy-wild action that goes on through the entire book) how he was going to get out of the mess he’d gotten himself into.

And then, at the end…OMG! Craziness that I won’t share because I hate-hate-hate spoilers with a passion. Anyway, if you haven’t ever read a book in the Dresden series, this is a great one, though you get the full impact of all the prior events. Butcher is great about only giving a cursory overview of past plots–thank you for that, Jim–and there are so many nuances within the past books. But I promise, if you start with this one, you’ll rush to read #1-11 and then read 12 all over again. And love it even more.

I can’t wait for the next one, though I have absolutely no idea with that’ll be. However, I know he’s said there’ll be about 20 books in the Dresden series when all is said and done. Plus, his fans would stalk him if he didn’t write a #13 because of the cliffhanger ending in #12.

Final Grade for CHANGES by Jim Butcher: 95/A
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